We are, above all, doers. We plan, advise, design, build and find a solution for everything. We have experience and an unbeatable team. We always want to make the impossible possible.
That works pretty well.

What doesn't fit is made to fit.

Creating brand spaces and staging brands in space. That is our mission.

We live our mission with passion. We create tangible communication, extraordinary encounters and creative spaces for our clients. We have steadily expanded our competencies over many years of business and have finally divided them into three disciplines:

Together, they form a superb symbiosis that gives us great scope to plan and implement projects comprehensively and across the board. Of course, always with fun and good humour.

Missions on a large scale.

Established for many years, HANDSTAND is internationally underway. Always excited about new & crazy ideas. And – about your project.

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Official service partner of Messe Düsseldorf.


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David Schäfer

The Junior. As Managing Director, David is the mastermind behind our team and ensures that we all march in the right direction and that our projects run smoothly and successfully. David oversees operations management and project planning and is always there for our customers. He passionately plans and organises their projects and develops the first steps with them. In his spare time, David is a real family man who loves to discover the world with his family. He also brings this enthusiasm for discovering and experiencing new things into his professional life and ensures that we, as a company, always remain innovative and on the cutting edge.

Savas Savidis

Our Managing Director Savas is a real all-rounder! With his experience in construction management, work preparation, planning and implementation, he is the man for all jobs. His sketches and designs are always creative and impressively expressive. In his free time, Savas likes to spend time with his family or travel the world to find new inspiration. He is an avid reader and loves to be spontaneous - especially when developing new ideas for our projects. With his cheerful and humorous manner, he spreads good humour throughout the team and ensures that we are always motivated to get the maximum out of our customers. He infuses his creativity into every project to make it special and unique.

Ralf Schäfer

The Senior. Ralf has confidently handed over the management to David and Savas and is now enjoying his well-deserved retirement. With a cooking spoon in his hand and his hips swaying to the music, he spends enjoyable hours in his allotment garden or with his pretty neighbour… However, he doesn’t get off quite so peacefully. Ralf is still a valued and valuable member of HANDSTAND and supports the team with his many years of expertise. His experience and knowledge are irreplaceable, and we are grateful he continues to be at our side. You can still find him in the office, infecting the team with his energy and enthusiasm. Ralf is and remains an important part of HANDSTAND, and we greatly value his presence.

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